About Us

Hello and thank you for supporting our Small Business! We started this business in January 2019 with the short term goal of paying off our son’s funeral costs while also helping a family we saw in need.  While that family didn't end up wanting our help, we found that we could help so many others by using this business as a platform to share our story and help others.
Our son, along with is older brother (serving the Army in Afghanistan) and younger sister (attending college in Boston) are the most important people in our lives. Our world centers around them always.
We suffered the unexpected loss of our son Jonathan (Johnny) in August of 2018, just before his 24th birthday. He was looking forward to so many things before he died and we were so proud of him. He was the most caring, funny and loving young man. He always wanted us to be happy. Before starting this business, I (Kathryn) was doing nothing but laying in bed depressed and barely making it through each day. Besides visits with my kids, this business has really given me something to look forward to and something that continues to bring Walter and I together in a positive environment.
Our long term goal for our business would be to gain financial freedom, building a Legacy to leave our kids and to have a Zi Signature Piece named after our late son Johnny. He would have loved that...a blingy piece of jewelry with his name..wow!
We have since met so many people suffering from loss, grief, PTSD and addiction issues that really have become extended family.  They may claim that we've helped them, their love and appreciation is what has truly helped us!
We cannot achieve any of our goals or reach more people in need without your help. Please let everyone you know about our Small Business. Maybe our fashion jewelry isn’t for them personally but they may have a friend, family or loved one they would love to purchase for. Maybe you know someone grieving, or in a similar situation as us that could use some support.  Spread the word, spread the love and whenever you can, pay it forward!
We hope you will enjoy our jewelry as much as we do and if you love it, join us by starting your own franchise and building your own Legacy! Ask us how!!
We thank each and every one of you!
Walter & Kathryn Sajdak ~ The Social Bling Queen and Officer Walt